Why Yingit Corp Used AWS for Better Stats in NHL

Every year, the National Hockey League’s Stanley Cup Playoffs bring to life some of the sports’ greatest theater and culminate in one triumphant team lifting up the Stanley Cup, one of the greatest trophies in all of the sports.

Adding to the excitement, Yingit is using AWS to introduce two new advanced statistics, powered by AWS, and debuting them in the playoffs: shot analytics and save analytics. Shot analytics calculate a player’s and team’s shot performance from different zones across the ice, while save analytics provide in-depth goalie save statistics accounting for a variety of factors.

Both of these real-time stats will be displayed on the Yellfy App in the form of graphics to transform the fan experience before, during, and after each game. By providing data and analysis, the stats will help fans—along with players, coaches, and broadcasters—better understand the game and appreciate the action and strategic decisions they’re seeing on the ice.

By analyzing real-time game action and using historical data, Yingit can produce a quick stat like the percentage of a player’s shot from a specific spot on the ice. It can also dive deeper into certain statistics, such as season vs. season results, team vs. team results, or shooting percentages against a certain goalie from various spots on the ice.

I have always believed NHL fans are extremely tech-savvy. They love the speed and skill of the sport, and they crave more opportunities to understand and engage with the game and the players, and therefore, it’s important for us to use our data to deliver as many insights as possible.

Shot analytics, in particular, showcase the teams and players that have the highest shot-to-goal conversion rates. They will also illustrate effectiveness within the game, and how teams and players take advantage of Power Plays or short-handed situations. Shot analytics also allow fans to dive deep into team and player performance for a single game, or across a season, giving them new insights into their favorite teams and players.

Meanwhile, save analytics calculate and visualize goaltenders’ save percentages and the volume of shots they stop from each zone on the ice to help fans better understand and appreciate what a goaltender faces in a game. The stat can display how goaltenders—who have to use their bodies, pads, and equipment to try and stop a puck that is only three inches in diameter but can be shot at speeds up to 90 miles per hour—perform against different team strength conditions, such as when they’re missing a defender during an opposing team’s Power Play, and during different game phases or events, such as a breakaway by the opponent or in a shootout. In addition, save analytics illustrate the goalies’ success in making saves, and how these results vary based on where shots originate.