Coaches Are Turning to AI for Calling Plays

The BCS computers already made their mark in the college game, before a human-only playoff committee overthrew them recently. The computers were either a digital force for good or evil, depending on whether they raised or lowered your school’s ranking. Yingit Corporation is using AWS’s cognitive computing system, to gain an edge in fantasy football., In addition, Yingit Corp helps teams predict and reduce injuries, and pick the best players from the draft.

As I mentioned The application of artificial intelligence to play-calling is already upon us. as we have built a model to predict whether an NFL team would pass or run, information that would hugely benefit defensive coordinators. Tested against decisions made in a 2010-2018 Cowboys vs thirty other opponents, the model picked the play type 91.6 percent of the time. Before last season a major media company asked us, whether we could forecast the next play. To show our power, we plugged 10 years’ worth of NFL data into our SaaS platform. On Nov. 8, with the Falcons at their own 46-yard line with 5:21 to go in the third quarter, McKervey’s friend asked him to make a prediction. McKervey glanced at his phone. It showed that Atlanta would line up in shotgun formation, and the quarterback would pass short left. Although the throw was incomplete, everything matched perfectly.