Bitcoin Will Go Over $125,000

I believe Technology ala NASDAQ as market index made its low for 2021 on 3/5/2021, you can tweet me @Ramin_Rastin if you want to know why I think this, I will share my charts and graphs. However, I just think Technology will underperform S&P 500 broadly into year ending (2021)

Now my takeaway for Bitcoin when it got to $64,000+ was that the price was in “no man’s land” between $47,000 and $62,000. And once Bitcoin fell below $47,000, I also warned about the 200D moving average ($40,000). Once bitcoin falls below its 200D, it becomes a “Missouri market” –> a show me. And needs to recover >200D to resume the uptrend. With that said I believe >50% odds Bitcoin bottomed last week but like Technology, it needs to consolidate for a while. I still believe Bitcoin is in a bull market, and post-consolidation will exceed $125,000 this year.