YELLFY Sports Recruiting Application, YELLCRUIT – a SaaS Application

Big data is enhancing and changing the recruitment process. From the data, insights are extracted and compared. While actually viewing the player in action is important, data around his/her capabilities are, too. Statistical solutions help coaches find the right players that best fit their teams.

Our software platform YELLCRUIT offered these tools to recruiters that streamline efforts in accessing player information. Their real-time data is updated when athletes receive offers. These tools help coaches determine which players are likely to commit. On the YELLCRUIT platform, coaches can analyze players and teams and view comparisons of other schools. With these new capabilities, coaches have the insight to help determine which players will make the most effect on the team and are most likely to accept an offer.

YELLCRUIT allows athletes to build their profiles and see which coaches are interested in their talents. The application YELLCRUIT empowers athletes to align their recruiting efforts with their personal desires. They can create profiles that share not only their stats and videos but also their academic records. Then athletes can communicate with coaches and broach interest. When schools view a profile, the athlete receives a notification.

What if a student-athlete had a viral video of his/her skills, YELLCRUIT would grab these viral videos automatically would attach it to the student profile and would create a buzz around an athlete’s skills, then coaches and recruiters will be compelled to take a look. YELLCRUIT is leveling the playing field.