Why We Used AI in YELLFY

We did not want to rely on social media to build an audience, drive engagement with our brand and content, and convert prospects into leads, therefore we considered how artificial intelligence can dramatically increase the revenues we brought in from the social side of our app while reducing the costs of social media creation and management.

We deployed the AI-powered tools to:

  • Create social media posts.
  • Figure out what posts work best.
  • Measure our brand and trends across other larger social platforms.
  • Write social ads quickly and on continuous bases.
  • Decrease management time and costs across platforms.

AI and intelligent automation helped us produce sharable content within the social media platform of YELLFY and then manage the distribution of that content.

  • We Created social media posts faster. AI social media tools used our historical social media data to learn what works and what to post next, then helped us produce social media posts at scale.
  • Developed the right messages for each platform. Our AI tool could automatically develop creative and messaging for our brand voice across our platform and outside to other social media platforms, including on Facebook and Instagram.
  • Save time managing social. Our AI could analyze our audience and help manage our work across different social channels, which saved us quite a bit of money.

Our AI-powered message machine understood language and broke down marketing creative into its critical elements: narrative, emotion, descriptions, calls-to-action, formatting, and word positioning. The machine applied its understanding of language to a marketing brief from our team, creating the best message to speak to our customers in our brand’s voice across all channels. Every word made the right emotional appeal with the AI-powered knowledge base of more than 1 million tagged and scored words, phrases, and images in 25 languages. Our AI tool continuously learned, with every campaign, improving and evolving its language knowledgebase, and generated valuable data-based insights into how different language elements resonate with different audiences. it continuously generated new insights into both brand and audience, empowering brands with rich analytics on what content connects best with customers.