Fans Experience Matters

Enriching the Experience

AI can now deliver advanced performance analytics, whether it’s finding clips of all the winning tactics or visual analysis of every play. This gives players and coaches a powerful tool to analyze how they performed and to explore their opponent’s strengths and weaknesses. For example, in an NFL game Yingit Inc has partnered to develop STAT+ (TM), which re-orders the statistics in a live match based on their individual player influence on the outcome of the match. This point-by-point, dynamic, and live feature is based on the principles of AI/ML to enrich fan and player experience.

Automating the Media

With the help of AI platforms, the cameras that now capture sporting events are also able to pick out the highlights of a game for distribution to television outlets or mobile devices. AI-based capabilities now extend to print as well. A natural language platform has been developed that transforms raw data from minor league baseball games into readable stories. With this capability, the Associated Press news service has increased its reporting capability and is now able to cover 13 minor leagues with 142 teams via AI.

The Future of Sports

AI in sports is here to stay, and as the technology improves through better sensors, processors, and algorithms, it will become even more important. Whether through an internal IT organization or via external AI platforms, sports organizations now need AI to successfully compete at the highest levels.