Contactless/Cashless Ways Yellfy Will Change Sports Fan’s Experience

It used to be when going to a sporting event at a stadium fans always needed to bring plenty of cash with them to purchase souvenirs and food. Now with help of Yellfy a number of stadiums will be moving toward cashless ecosystems, and change the way fans pay for goods and services in-stadium are changing fast.

Some facts first:

  1. U.S Sports Fans spend the most dollars in sporting events
  2. Faster service equals to more purchases
  3. Cashless means more expensive purchases
  4. Better experience when ordering products in a stadium means a return customer
  5. Cashless means less fraud

We will be testing end to end solution for contactless technologies in two stadiums where visitors who bring cash and do not have a credit card can convert the cash to prepaid cards at 10 ReadySTATION kiosks throughout the stadium. Yellfy is also partnering with Clear utilized identity verification technology, which will allow users to purchase food or alcohol with just the scan of a fingertip. In addition, we will be providing Online Ticketing where we will reduce the number of suppliers that is required, use our end-to-end solution to sell tickets. Access Control where we manage access with ease. Authenticate tickets with a scan and manage admission with a tap of a wristband or card. Finally, who doesn’t want an ample amount of data on their customers? With Yellfy’s Fan Data & Analytics access a whole new level of data and insight at your event with our mobile-optimized. dashboard.