AI is Nothing New! We did this in the World of Healthcare, using SalesForce & AI to Automate OPS.

Problem: As a healthcare provider, we use these AI and SalesForce tools when a patient calls in and wants to talk to a nurse practitioner about health issues while he is talking

1) get authenticated

2) the voice is recorded

3) the conversation is documented and transcribed

4) the AI will tell the nurse what to ask as the AI is guessing what is wrong

5) suggests a course of treatment

6) bill the insurance company with proper ICD-10 codes

Solution: We used a combination of AI tools and Salesforce tools to automate the process of handling patient calls. Here are some technologies and tools that we used/integrated with Salesforce:

Voice Biometrics: We used voice biometrics to authenticate the patient calling in. Voice biometrics can help to ensure that the patient’s health information is secure and that the nurse practitioner is speaking with the correct patient. Some of the voice biometric options we considered included Nuance VocalPassword, Verint Voice Authentication, or NICE Real-Time Authentication. We ended up using Nuance.

Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR): An ASR technology can transcribe the patient’s conversation with the nurse practitioner. The transcription can be used for documentation purposes and to help with billing. Some of the ASR options we considered included Google Cloud Speech-to-Text, Amazon Transcribe, or Microsoft Azure Speech Services. We ended up using AWS Transcribe.

Natural Language Processing (NLP): We used NLP to analyze the patient’s conversation and recommend the best course of action. Some of the NLP options we considered were Google Cloud Natural Language, Amazon Comprehend Medical, or Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services. AWS Medical was the best tool for us as we already on AWS.

Electronic Health Record (EHR) System: We used our EHR system to store and manage the patient’s health information. Salesforce Health Cloud is a CRM system designed specifically for healthcare providers, which can be used to manage patient information, track patient interactions, and create treatment plans.

Medical Coding Tools: To ensure accurate billing, we used a medical coding tool that can assign the proper ICD-10 codes for the patient’s condition. Some medical coding tools we considered included 3M Codefinder Software, EncoderPro, or Find-A-Code. We ended up using Find-A-Code tool as it was the easiest integration with our AWS.

By integrating these technologies and tools with Salesforce, we created a highly automated and efficient process for handling patient calls. The AI technologies helped to identify the patient’s condition quickly and recommend the best course of action. The EHR system was used to store and manage the patient’s health information, and the medical coding tools can ensure accurate billing. All patient information and interactions can be captured and stored in Salesforce, making it easy to manage and track the patient’s condition.