Machine Learning & Sports

Sports analytics, which refers to the use of data and statistics to measure the performance of players (or teams) and make informed coaching decisions, is an enormous market. Grand View Research pegs its worth at $4.6 billion by 2025, expanding at a compound annual growth rate of 31.2% from 2019.

As part of Yellfy’s technology roadmap, Yellfy works with customers to build what it calls iCourt, connected systems consisting of cameras installed around fields, courts, gyms, and rinks. At a high level, the cameras and software layered atop them provide automated live streaming, tagging software, and predictive analytics, as well as audio annotation and drawing tools for positioning. The thought is the Yellfy’s edge service offers multi-angle video recording for ball and player-tracking with a broadcasting interface that lets users zoom in, play in slow motion, and rewind to the beginning for instant replays. With a mobile app, they’re able to review and share sports video and data, and to create highlights with tagged and bookmarked plays uploaded to PlaySight’s sports network.